Fish are supplied by company owned vessels and through company registered suppliers as whole or G/G fish. Fish are caught from multi-day boats by long line fishing and are gutted and gilled just after catching. Then the fish will be stored in ice slurry to maintain its freshness.


Right processing of raw products will ensure the quality and the freshness of the final products. That is why we adhere to international standards and methods when processing our products because, for us quality matters more than anything. VS Seafood (PVT) Ltd has a HACCP based food safety management system, which provides mechanisms for raw material purchasing to processing of wholesome final products. The exportation is also being set up through the HACCP plan.

The HACCP system guides us on implementing highly integrated activities of HACCP, GMP, SSOP. It further includes the monitoring and the verification procedure of goods to ensure the ultimate quality and hygienic condition of the end product. It also provides guidance on the internationally accepted standards by ensuring its safety & legality over the raw material sources, production and handling of products by the active involvements of all employees.


Fish loins / fillets are carefully vacuum-packed in polyethylene bags and thermo sealed to sustain its freshness. Then the bags are put in regiform (Synthetic packing foam) containers with gel ice. The containers are put in a specially designed cold storage until the point of delivery. The cartons of fresh fish are carefully loaded into our Reefer trucks, which have special cooling systems that maintain the desired temperature until the delivery to the Airport.

Process Flow

Fishing Boats

Surface tuna caught only by long line following the requirements of sustainability and other environmental aspects

Fish is stored in ice until delivered to factory

Fish caught will be killed and bled by special tools

Fishermen are trained to work hygienically, they are persuaded to work for perfect quality since rejected quality will not be bought by the factory

Boats will be inspected every 3 months by company

EU Certified Factory






Temperature maintained below 00c

Finished goods are delivered to airport immediately after processing

Priority is given to direct flight according to the destination to Avoid long period of time in transit

Products are packed with jell ice to maintain temperature for 24hrs

Following are list of documents accompanying with the goods

  • GPS Certificate / Custom form A
  • AirWay bill
  • Health certificate page
  • Histamine Report
  • Histamine Reader Printouts(on demand)
  • Packing List
  • Catch Certificate