“Sri Lankan seafood is no mere culinary delight: The country being an island nation blessed with the bounty of the ocean, is at the forefront of supplying fresh seafood to the world. In a journey spanning over one decade, VS Seafood continues to hold a place of great appreciation from our buyers from across the globe for exporting seafood of the highest quality. VS Seafood is engaged in fishing, processing and marketing of seafood. Our objective is to assure utmost customer satisfaction by offering premium quality seafood at competitive price points, operating in compliance with international quality standards.

VS Seafood is a second generation legacy which is built on the humble beginnings of the present owners’ father, who used to make a living from fishing. Taking the reins from their father, the brother and sister duo have journeyed unchartered in pursuit of new opportunities and their big, bold steps have made VS Seafood what it is today. A business that is centered around family values of quality and sustainability, has transformed the seafood export market in Sri Lanka. Today, VS Seafood is a dominant player in the seafood export market in Sri Lanka and supplies a significant quantity of premium quality seafood to top-tier foreign markets monthly. While the Company offers a wide variety of seafood, tuna export remains their core business.

We offer a ‘freshness guarantee’ to ensure that products purchased from VS Seafood are the freshest in the export market. The Company is based in Wennapuwa, a fishing town in Sri Lanka renowned for fresh fish and seafood. Our supply chain is strengthened by our own fleet of fishing boats to sustainably catch fish from the Indian ocean and thus, the source of our fish and seafood can be verified. Our boats and suppliers registered with us use the longline fishing technique, which is more ecologically sustainable than deep sea trawling. From the prized tuna to swordfish and exotic fish, VS Seafood supplies a wide range of seafood to cater to the growing demand for fresh seafood in both European and non-European markets.

From the point of fishing to packing and transporting, a rigorous quality assurance process is followed as we believe that preserving the quality of seafood protects the multitude of nutrients in them. We take pride in our commitment to upholding ethical practices, where emphasis is placed on sustainability. The quality certifications we have received — HACCP, Friend of the Sea, Dolphin-Safe, BRC, and FDA —are a testament to our strict quality compliance. VS Seafood is determined to take the seafood of Sri Lanka to the world and enable global buyers to purchase products that are environmentally friendly and socially responsible.”
Mayami Shamolika


Fueled by a passion to take her father’s business to the next level and conquer foreign markets, Mayami together with her brother started learning his father’s craft. Hardworking and determined, she started the seafood export business from zero.In a male-dominated industry Mayami stands strong, fearlessly and tirelessly tackling any challenge that comes her way and she knows the business in and out . A firm believer of female empowerment and equal opportunities, Mayami strives to make sure that opportunities are given not based on one’s gender but hard work. Mayami plans to take measures to sustain their trademark product quality and further improve the quality standards to create exceptional value for customers.
Mayantha Yomal


Mayantha spent his formative years in Europe, being involved in a commercial establishment. He joined VS Seafood upon his return, in a bid to carry forward the legacy of his father. Through his drive and passion, he has taken VS Seafood to new horizons, propelling the business in to the future. Mayantha has never doubted the vision of venturing out to the international market. Keen to learn new things, Mayantha always does a thorough research before approaching new markets and buyers. He is a futurist who keeps close tabs on the latest trends and technologies, and implement them to streamline the operational activities of the business. Mayantha envisages capitalizing on new market opportunities and reviving the seafood export market in Sri Lanka.
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