Xiphias gladius

Swordfish Headed & Gutted

Product Name: Swordfish H&G
Presentation: Fresh, Head-off, Gilled & Gutted
Weight: 28kg ups
Package: corrugated carton box or Styrofoam box in a polythene bag with gel ice

Swordfish Half/Quarter Loin

Product Name: Swordfish loin
Presentation: Fresh, Skin-on or off, boneless
Weight: 2-5 kg
Package: IVP

Swordfish Steak

Product Name: Swordfish steak
Presentation: Fresh, Skin-on or off , boneless , triangular shape
Weight: Thickness and weight as customer requirement
Package: IVP or customer request

Laboratory Test Analysis

Microbiological Analysis
E-Coli - Absent
Salmonella Spp. - Absent
Listeria Spp. - Absent
Vibrio cholerae - Absent
Coliform - <10 MPN/g
Aerobic plate count (APC) - <1x 105 CFU/g
Chemical Analysis
Histamine Level - <10 ppm
Mercury Level - <1 ppm
Cadmium - < 0.05 ppm
Lead - < 0.2 ppm


Chilled at 0 °C to 4 °C





Wrapping Style

Green Paper/ White Cloth

Packing Style

Inner bag- Vacuum Bag Outer package - Styrofoam

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